March for women

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International womens day is a day to promote economical, political and social achievements of women. And it all begun in 19th century with textile female workers strike in New York.

After centuries of repression and submision women started the fight for equality which is still not achieved in too many places on Earth.

Womens day is much more than the day when we celebrate womens achievements, it is also a day to propound many social, business and family life examples where is evident, that altough being far along in the 21st century, womens rights are not only being broken, but are clearly not being prosecuted. Furthermore, it seems that the basic human rights do not seem to apply for both sexes.

Therefore we have decided to join the campagne for equality, and donate 30% of every sold card to one associations that takes care of women victims of violence.

Therefore, buying the card in March you are also helping to create a more just society.



With the hope that soon we will not have the need for these kind of actions, we thank you for your contribution!

Action will last for the whole march of 2019., and for the purpose of transparency we will publish the bank transfer copy, after completion.