25 years of graphics, IT and commerce have taken us on countless adventures and given us thousands of stories to tell, but we have to admit that this might be the most beautiful and creative one from our book. 

Pop-up cards are recognised around the world but in our region, they are still quite hard to come across. That’s exactly what inspired us, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Git, our company, has been doing business in similar creative fields for years, so our team was absolutely ready for this challenge. On this website, you can see all of our pop-up cards created with plenty of love and care.

Along with exceptional design, quality paper and modern laser technology, one of the most important parts of the card-making process are diligent hands which put everything together in the end to create a wonderful pop-up story.




Since we continuously strive to better our impact on the environment, we make a conscious effort to use up as much material as we can during production, rather than simply throwing scraps away. This led to the creation of our 2D cards made of wood and recycled paper.

We don’t throw anything away, we add value to every bit of wood and paper and create new products. That’s our way of contributing to the environment. 




Our company from Varaždin has been in business for 25 years and is universally recognised for its work in graphics, IT and commerce (stamp making). Since the company’s vision is continuous growth, our employees are always developing and further improving new products and services. One of them, since 2016, is our collection of pop-up cards. 

Concept, design, production and marketing – those are all phases our team at GIT goes through daily and works their hardest to perfect. Everything we do is in order to satisfy our customers and help them recognise pop-up cards as gifts you cherish for the rest of your life! 


GIT d.o.o. from the City of Varaždin, is assigned non-refundable funds as part of the “E-impulse” call for grants for the project “Expansion of GIT capacity by developing a business unit for the production of 3D greeting cards”, which will be implemented for 14 months.


“Expansion of GIT capacity by developing a business unit for the production of 3D greeting cards”


The project “Expansion of GIT capacity by developing a business unit for the production of 3D greeting cards” includes the procurement of the required equipment and SW, employee training, and project promotion and visibility activities. GIT d.o.o. will trough this project strengthen its market position, its competitiveness and contribute to the achievement of Call Indicators, preserving existing jobs and increasing the number of employees, and increasing operating income.


By carrying out the project, the company enhances efficiency, strengthens its market position and achieves business expansion opportunities, hence increasing income and number of employees. The project results are acquired HW and SW to create pop up greeting cards, webpage and educated employees to work with new equipment and programs.


Total project value: 682.097,91HRK

Total eligible cost: 682.097,91 HRK

EU co-financing amount: 300.000,00 HRK

Own funds: 382.097,91 HRK

Project Implementation Period: 2017 – 2018