International Women’s Day is a day in which the economic, political and social achievements of women are promoted. And it all began in the 19th century with the strike of textile workers in New York.

After centuries of oppression and subjugation, women have embarked on the fight for equality, which still has to be fought for in countless places in the world.

Women’s Day is more than a day when women’s achievements are celebrated, a day in which many examples of women’s social, business and family life stand out, in which it is evident that women also violate or fail to exercise basic human rights in the 21st century. Moreover, it is obvious that these rights are most often not valid to the same extent for both genders.

Therefore, we decided to join the campaign for equality and donate 30% of each sold card to one of the associations for the protection of women victims of violence in the County of Varaždin.

In this way, by buying a Women’s Day card, you are participating and helping to create a fairer society.

With the hope that there will be no need for such and similar actions soon, thank you for your engagement!

The action runs through March 2019, and for the sake of transparency, we will post a photo of the payment slip upon completion of the action.