We all remember the childhood book from whose pages the bear and the princess were knocking, and our creative POP UP congratulations for all these wonderful memories are rising to a whole new level. Quality materials and modern technology create incredible and detailed views of architecture, scenes and details from everyday life, but also fairytales and allow you to enrich your life with a couple of special words on a special day or visit a new city (or simply when you want to) really a special POP UP congratulations.

The Creative Greeting Cards feature outstanding design, high quality paper and modern laser technology that delivers shapes and sharp handles that create unbelievable scenes from the fragments and simply leave it breathless.

Each greeting story tells a special story, regardless of whether it is displaying Christmas scenes, inviting a wedding, sending good wishes to a new baby, or scoring the scenes of the most famous architectural achievements. For these ideas and design, the GIT experts are inspired by each inspiration.

Namely, behind the POP UP congratulations is a professional team of GIT company, a company with 25 years of tradition of graphics, IT and trade.